Naples fishing charters

Come join me as we fish the plentiful back and near shore waters of Naples. Let me share with you the seemingly endless opportunities to catch Redfish, Snook and the elusive Tarpon. We deliver pristine waters and a challenge that keeps the motivated angler coming back time and time again.

As a full time Naples fishing charter Guide, I guide on the basis that safety and professionalism keeps me well prepared for any fishing condition. This mind set allows me to provide my customers with the great fishing experience they expect.

Light Tackle and Fly Fishing in Naples and the Surrounding Waters
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Naples-Fishing Charters
Guided by Captain Pete Root
[email protected]
U.S.C.G licensed and insured.

Mike and Kev with a large Naples Redfish
My first Naples Snook
naples tarpon

A must for anyone visiting or living in Naples
I have never written a review before as I never thought one was excelent enough to warrent one, however I believe Captain Pete warrented a 5 star review. I have gone on charter fishing trips through out the United States and many times in Florida. I can honestly say that Captain Pete is hands down my favorite Charter captain. Every spot he takes me to was very close so you do not have much travel and more time to fish but also every spot we went to we caught multiple fish. By the end of the day I caught a couple dozen snook, redfish, jack, catfish, and ladyfish and unfortunately twice as many fish that got off the hook. Their was never a dull moment fishing with captain Pete. He is knowlegeable, patient, and an overall delight to be around. Not only did he provide an outstanding fishing adventure but the next day when I asked for information on who we should use to go dolphin watching he was kind enough to take me and my family dolphin watching that day and even though we offered to pay he did not charge a single dime. I have again gone on countless fishing excersions but no one has ever done or even offered that before..Trip Advisor 2020