Redfish can frequently be found in water too skinny to cover them completely, exposing their dorsal fins and even part of their backs. Reds commonly move from the adjacent deeper water to the top of these flats to feed, and in doing so, their dorsal extremities can become exposed.  Here in Naples we have numerous bays that these fish love to feed in.


Reddish are primarily bottom feeders.  They feed with their heads pointed in a downward angle, searching for crabs, shrimp and minnows. This is why at times you can see a Reddish's tail out of the shallow water. Using a gold spoon or a weighted jerk bait are great ways to target them.  When targeting reds with live bait I like to anchor  up  and chum for them. This can take some time but if your patient  and let them get comfortable eating the pieces of cut bait it usually pays off.  The docks on the sides of the intercoastal channel are also great places to find redfish right along Snook as they hide by the bottoms of the pilings waiting to attack small bait fish that are being washed by with the tide.

Make no doubts about it "blackened Redfish" that became famous by New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhomme's is in my opinion one of the best fish dishes to be had!!
I would be happy to recommend a couple local seafood restaurants that would be happy to prepare your fresh redfish for you. another fine eating fish is the sheepshead
Call Capt. Peter Root for reservations or more information:  239-777-3858 or 239-591-3770
redfish caught in naples
kev with a naples redfish
I went down to Naples (from Minnesota) for a wedding and I asked my best friend (the groom) if he wanted to go fish in the ocean while we were there. We are huge bass fisherman and know how to fish so I was very concerned about getting a quality guide. Captain Pete Root rubbed me the right way on the phone and I decided he was the guy to go with. Without taking away from the wedding (which was beautiful) Pete made the trip. He showed us all the sites on the way to spots, had the dolphins swim in our wake, showed us some rays and put us on some absolutely awesome fish. We caught flounder, snook, snapper, Jack's, and even got lucky enough to catch a redfish. It was an absolutely awesome experience and if I ever go back to Naples there is no doubt in my mind we will go back out with Pete. A+ service from an A+ guy.