Fishing for “Snukes” here in Naples can be a 24-hour day bonanza.  Seriously, we could start your day sight fishing at daybreak on the beach for cruising snook that are literally two feet from the sand. It’s not uncommon to see the backs of snook in a wave that is receding from the beach! (My personal favorite for snook with a fly rod)….
Next it’s on the boat, probing the mangroves for snook that are waiting in ambush mode to pounce on your bait/fly/lure.

As the night takes over in Naples the snook lights come on, and boy so do the snook! You will surely be amazed at the numbers of fish at each light.  If one light gets smart to our intentions, no need to worry we’ll just move to the next one (usually the other end of a dock). So you decide: morning, noon or night, it’s all good for Mr. Snuke. If you are an iron-man kind of person and want to do it all, that’s fine, but you have to buy the coffee. 

Call Captain Peter Root for reservation or more information:  239-777-3858 or 239-591-3770
Mr. fords big naples snook
up and coming country music star Ashley Allyson, One of many snook she ripped out from the docks! check her out
up and coming country music star Ashley Allyson, With One of many snook she ripped out from the docks! 
check her out

Set up a half day excursion with Capt Pete. He made it very easy to set up and was understanding of the fact that my wife and daughter had never been out fishing previously. 

He was right on time and ready to go. Had a great time. He always had a line ready, was very patient and made sure that we caught fish ( despite challenging conditions - very hot ). We really enjoyed our time with him and will definitely book again when we return to Naples. 

Capt Pete was very honest. Fish were just not biting the day we were out. Instead of prolonging our outing for the full four hours, he asked if we were ready to call it a day and pro-rated his fee to reflect that we were only out there a couple of hours.

Looking forward to booking out next fishing trip with Pete

Visited July 2014