Top 5 Excuses to Get the Day Off 

5)  I wanted you to have the day to  yourself for shopping…
4)  I wanted you to have the day to  yourself for shopping…
3)  I wanted you to have the day to  yourself for shopping…
2)  I wanted you to have the day to  yourself for shopping…
1)  I wanted you to have the day to  yourself for shopping…

Top "5" Tips of the Trade

Top 5 Day Before Fishing Practices

5)  Get a good night's rest, early fishing is prime.
4)  Drink plenty of water, dehydration can set in quickly (but not to worry, I carry fresh water).
3)  Put a fresh roll of film in your camera to capture the days events.
2)  Make sure you have light but full coverage clothing ready to go.
1)  Get psyched for a day of action on the water - and set your alarm!

Top 5 Local Restaurants to Prepare Your  Catch

4) THE DOCK - Naples, (239) 263-9940
3) PINCHERS CRAB SHACK - Naples,  (239) 434-6616
2) Ask your hotel, they are often willing to accommodate a special request.
1) If you’re a local - HOME - fresh herbs, some butter, fish on the grill is always a sure thing!

Top 5 Techniques  You Can Practice on Land 

5)  Seeing the fish is the first step, when walking the beach practice sighting Snook with your polarized glasses.
4)  Set objects randomly places throughout your yard to practice casting.
3)  Read up or check out the local reports, Fridays in the Naples Daily News,  or talk with the crew at Ace hardware.
2)  Skipping stones is the same arm motion as the " skip " cast technique used for casting into the mangroves, so skip a few rocks into your local lake or shells into the ocean.
1)  Fish off the coast of Naples or local waters, a boat gives you access to new areas but the technique is the same.

Top 5 Things to Bring for Your Day on the Water

5)  Polarized glasses, I do have extra on the boat.
4)  Personal camera but I'll be happy to take a photo to send to you.
3)  30+ sun block - the sun is strong year round. Again, plenty on the boat.
2)  Hat to protect from the glare and sun.  I carry these as well.
1)  Love of the sport - and your sure to have a good time!

Mike with redfish number 3
Call Captain Pete Root for reservations or more information:  239-777-3858 or 239-591-3770
Top 5 Things I Bring for Your Day on the Water

5)  Water and sodas to keep your thirst quenched. 
4)  Top of the line fishing equipment, including Penn reels, St. Croix , and Temple Fork with a selection of fly rods by request.
3)  Live bait and lures based on your preferred fishing catch.
2)  Camera to cast of any fishing tales.
1)  Expertise and patience.

Top 5 Buys for the Beginning Angler  (Don’t spend thousands on a new hobby)

5) Shimano rod and reel combos from Sports Authority or Ace Hardware on 9th st., affordable and will  get the job done.
4)  Assortment of jigs, Berkley Gulps, and D.O.A. shrimp
3) Power pro fishing line, it is worth the few extra $ and will improve your casting significantly.
2) Seaguar fluorocarbon leader, invisible to the fish
1) A day's fishing charter, you get the benefit of a boat, top of the line equipment and guidance to assess if this is a sport you want to pursue.

Captain Pete did a great job from my first email. I explained my needs and he came back with a plan that was executed on. Down to earth and it felt more like fishing with a good friend that knows his stuff versus a guide. Always had fresh bait and a rod in the water to optimize our experience. Will definitely use him again.

Visited August 2013