Fantastic morning!
Had a great morning fishing yesterday with Captain Pete. We can't recommend him enough. Knowledgeable, friendly guy who was excellent with the children and at showing us how to fish. We caught lots of different fish which our son was very excited about and saw lots of dolphins. Thank you Pete for what was definitely the highlight of our holiday
Outstanding in Every Way - My Highest Recommendation!
I recently spent 2 days with Captain Pete and some friends and we had an outstanding experience in every way. He offers a perfect blend of fishing expertise, local knowledge, focus on the needs and wants of his customers, and skill as a captain. In addition to catching a variety of fish I had never caught, I learned a great deal from Pete about the area and local ecosystem, as well as some new techniques to raise my game as a fisherman. Pete was clearly committed to ensuring we had the best experience possible, and I got the sense that he wanted us to catch quality fish as badly as we did. Finally, Pete’s an excellent storyteller with a great sense of humor!

Bottom line: Pete’s got my highest recommendation, and I have already shared his info with friends. I will definitely be back!
Captain Pete rocks
If i could give 10 stars, I would. Booked this trip as a gift to our 2 older sons, ages 18 and 19. They are avid ourdoorsmen and really hit it off with Pete. Being from the northeast, florida fishing was new to them. Pete picked up on their passion for fishing and learning (oldest is fish and wildlife major) and created a 2 day trip that they will never forget! They are trying to figure out how they can save return for spring break next yea
A great guide and fishing excursion
It was sheer joy to have Capt. Pete show me & my husband and 2 boys (10 & 7) the Florida Mangroves. Captain Pete was very patient with all of us and taught us something about all the fish we caught. A huge bonus was seeing the dolphins and having them jump out of the water alongside the boat!! The boys want to go again next year
Such a great guide!
My boyfriend and I had the best time with Pete! I'm used to fishing smaller fish back in Iowa and not really that experienced where my boyfriend pretty much knows what he's doing. Pete was very good with both of us, helping me with casting technique and where to cast and giving my boyfriend tips to take back with him. If we are ever back down here we will definitely look up Pete again! It's a great experience and he is a great guy. 

If you're looking for a fun morning or afternoon on the water catching fish, Pete is your guy

Fishing with Captain Pete
Pete was an AMAZING captain! Not only did we catch several fish (2 of which we got to take home and eat--Pete descaled and filleted them for us so they were all ready to fry up when we got home) but we also got to see dolphins up close! I have never been so close to a dolphin before, Pete got them to "play" in our wake and they chased our boat for several minutes. All around an awesome experience, Pete is a wonderful guy, great conversationalist, and really knows what he's doing out there. He was incredibly knowledgeable about every kind of fish we caught
Fishing Expedition
Last week our family went on a fishing trip with Captain Pete. He was an excellent captain : experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the area and the different kinds of fish we would fish for, very pleasant to spend time with, tireless in making sure everyone was baited and ready to go, and determined to make the whole experience a positive one for everyone involved. If the fish were not biting, we pulled up the anchor and moved to another of his favorite spots. Highly, highly recommended
I wrote a five star review 6 years ago of our fantastic fishing trip with Captain Pete Root. Our boys were 11 and 8 years old then. Even though they fish quite a bit now they never stopped talking about their fishing excursion with Capt. Pete. So back six years later and I was surprised he was still in business. My boys are now 17 and 14 and despite the very soggy weather we all had an awesome time! We caught quite a bit of snapper. Capt Pete flayed the fish for us afterwards and we took it over to Pinchers in Tin City (like we did 6 years ago) and had them grill and fry it up for us for lunch. Capt Pete was engaging as usual with funny stories, his witty humor but most of all his fishing expertise. We always felt very safe. He knew exactly when the storms were coming and how much time we had left to fish. There’s no one else we’d fish with in Naples. Captain Pete is the best
My Wife and I took our 6yr old son fishing with captain pete and what can i say, it was a blast. Pete knew just where to go to catch fish. We caught so many fish we lost count. We definitely will be booking again on our next trip. Two thumbs up
This guy knows his stuff! Great guy and really on it. Pete took my son and I out and we went to 5 or 6 different spots and caught fish everywhere but one. We were only there for 5 minutes max before he said "let's go to another spot." Great guy and was on top of everthing
I have never written a review before as I never thought one was excelent enough to warrent one, however I believe Captain Pete warrented a 5 star review. I have gone on charter fishing trips through out the United States and many times in Florida. I can honestly say that Captain Pete is hands down my favorite Charter captain. Every spot he takes me to was very close so you do not have much travel and more time to fish but also every spot we went to we caught multiple fish. By the end of the day I caught a couple dozen snook, redfish, jack, catfish, and ladyfish and unfortunately twice as many fish that got off the hook. Their was never a dull moment fishing with captain Pete. He is knowlegeable, patient, and an overall delight to be around. Not only did he provide an outstanding fishing adventure but the next day when I asked for information on who we should use to go dolphin watching he was kind enough to take me and my family dolphin watching that day and even though we offered to pay he did not charge a single dime. I have again gone on countless fishing excersions but no one has ever done or even offered that before..Trip Advisor 2020